Sande Entertainment was formed in 2007 to offer value-oriented services across the entire entertainment industry's value chain. The company's strategic thrust is music publishing, music production, music marketing and promotion, licensing and distribution. Other ancillary services are events planning and production, such as concept concerts.

The company was founded on the belief that through entertainment, music and other forms of artistic expression, it is possible to communicate with people of all races and cultures and that competing ideologies can be brought together whilst bridging cultural and racial divides.

Mission Statement
Sande Entertainment shall strive for professional excellence for and on behalf of their business partners.  This shall be achieved through the production, provision, management and promotion of true African artistic expressions, be they audio or visual.

Sande Entertainment is committed to becoming a preferred business partner in the entertainment industry, through music and visual production, marketing and distribution, concerts productions and promotion, as well as artist development and management.

Sande Entertainment Objectives
-To be a successful company in the production, promotion and event management of all forms of artistic expressions
-To be the most successful record label and music publishing company focusing on all South African Sounds
-To be the home for musicians and artists needing professional career development and business growth
-To be the most respected event organizer and promoter of concept concerts
-To be the most reliable, professional company that is a preferred partner in business